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News: September 17, 2009

We are finishing material for our next record.


11/08 The Layabout (Craig's house: 2702 Lawndale, Durham NC) w/ Lovers, Humble Tripe

(c/o Holidays for Quince Records)

Cavalcade (2008) was released by Southern Records, distributed by Chicago-Independent (US) & Southern Records (EUROPE/UK).
Family Tree EP (2005) was released by (now defunct) Pidgeon English Records.
Des_Ark/Bellafea split 7" (2005) was released by Exotic Fever Records and is now out of print.

Cavalcade (Southern Records, 2008)

9 songs. Please indicate CD or vinyl format.

$12 (includes s + h )

Family Tree EP (Pidgeon English, 2005)

5 songs. CD/EP format.

$8 (includes s + h)

Des_Ark/Bellafea split 7" (Exotic Fever, 2005)

2 songs. Vinyl format.


Bellafea Cavalcade T-Shirt

American Apparel Fine Jersey Tee.
Red or Slate grey.

$12 (includes s + h)

Hand-sewn Bellafea Lyricbook

Various designs, all different. Contains lyrics from Cavalcade and Family Tree EP.

$7 (includes s + h)


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Mount Moriah, Un Deux Trois, Fin Fang Foom, Death Came Down the Mountain